The Best Twitter Reactions to the New NBA All-Star Game Format

The NBA announced new rules for the 2020 NBA All-Star game.

That’s pretty much all we understand at this point.

The rules appear to be designed to make the game more interesting, honor Kobe Bryant, and raise money for charity. And if accomplishing all of those goals seems like a very complex task, then you’re halfway to understanding the new rules.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Each quarter is a new game with the score resetting at 0-0
  • Each quarter’s winning team gets $100,000 to donate to charity
  • The 4th quarter winner gets $200,000 for charity
  • Both team’s points are tallied up to start the 4th quarter. The quarter begins with that score
  • The team that scores 24 points plus the total number of points the leading team scored in the first three quarters wins the 4th quarter
  • The 4th quarter will not be timed

See? It’s not that complicated.


Well, #NBATwitter got a little confused by these totally simple rules, and it made me laugh. So here are the best Twitter reactions to the new NBA All-Star game rules.

Enjoy a good laugh. You probably need it.

NBA Fan Reactions to the New All-Star Game Rules

This NBA All Star game they’ll actually be playing FOUR SQUARE— Kirk Your Enthusiasm (@KirkSeriousFace) January 30, 2020

Get it? Because the rules make no sense and it might as well be a totally different game.

So not a basketball game? Got it.— MavsHighlights (@MavsHighlights) January 30, 2020

No, silly. It’s like four basketball games within one basketball game within a charity drive. Not that complicated.— Sam Guertler (@SamGuertler) January 30, 2020

I wouldn’t be surprised if the NBA got their analytics department together to create these new rules.

NBA just went full galaxy brain on the all-star game.— Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) January 30, 2020

Is the NBA trying too hard? Probably. Will we watch anyway? Yes. Because life is hard and we need an escape and if that means doing math while watching basketball, then so be it.

The NBA explaining the new All-Star Game format:— Sydney Myers (@_sydneymyers) January 30, 2020

Really, guys. Look at the chart. It’s easier than we’re making it sound.

the funniest thing about that email regarding the new All-Star game format is the NBA thinking the score would be 100-95 after three quarters— Jasmyn Wimbish (@JasmynWimbish) January 30, 2020

Honestly though, if the players are as confused as we are, the game might be low-scoring since everyone will be doing trigonometry in their head while trying to dribble.

People watching the NBA All Star Game trying to figure out who is winning.— Mike Vigil (@protectedpick) January 30, 2020

The NBA apparently has more faith in my math skills than I do.

What if they use a cantaloupe in the 3 point contest— Ben Zajdel (@BenZajdel) January 30, 2020

Oh, see, now we’re getting somewhere! Why even have rules? New idea: let all NBA players temporarily take performance enhancing drugs during All-Star Weekend! Then we’ll really see a show!

A train leaves Chicago traveling west at 60 miles per hour. An hour later, at 12 noon, another train leaves Chicago traveling east at 80 miles per hour. If the two trains both get to Chicago at 8 p.m. So who wins the NBA All-Star game?— Josh Bowe (@Boweman55) January 30, 2020

Ha ha, Josh. But you said they’re both leaving Chicago and arriving at Chicago. Looks like someone isn’t cut out for the new All-Star game.

I think the thing I’m most excited about with these changes to the All-Star Game is to ask Nikola Jokic to try and explain them to me.— Hardwood Paroxysm (@HPbasketball) January 30, 2020

But in Latin.

“The new NBA All Star game format isn’t that complicated, just read this 3000 word essay and you’ll get it”— Mike Vigil (@protectedpick) January 30, 2020

Wait, there’s a 3,000-word document explaining the rules? And where could one find this potentially helpful document? Asking for a friend.

the one thing the all-star game was missing was math so now it is perfect— zac and i cannot stress this enough crain (@zaccrain) January 30, 2020

It’s like those old computer games that combined typing with going fishing for some reason.

literally my exact journey while reading about the changes to this year’s NBA All-Star Game …— Colin Ward-Henninger (@ColinCBSSports) January 30, 2020

Give it time. Or just drink lots of Red Bull before watching the game. Now THAT will really blow your mind!

A visual rendering of the new All-Star Game rules— Nick Angstadt 8/24 (@NickVanExit) January 30, 2020

Five minutes into the explanation: “You haven’t given me any information yet.”

The Gang Explains The NBA All Star Rules— Mike Camerlengo (@MCamerlengo) January 30, 2020

Spoiler alert: The sweet prize is an algebra exam.

Enjoy the new game rules! If you don’t understand them, then watch the game anyway! There will be dunks and stuff.

Top 10 Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks History

The 2019-2020 season marks the Dallas Mavericks’ 40th anniversary as an NBA team. That history includes legendary performances by franchise stars Dirk NowitzkiLuka DoncicDerek HarperSteve Nash, and more.

The franchise has had plenty to celebrate – an NBA Championship, an MVP, Rookie of Year awards, Sixth Man of the Year awards, and more.

We’re highlighting the 40 greatest moments in Dallas Mavericks history. This article celebrates the greatest of those moments. See the previous segments for other great moments.

0 Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks History – #1-10

10. Dallas Mavericks Make First NBA Finals Appearance in 2006

After 26 seasons in the NBA, numerous Playoff disappointments, and years of irrelevance, the Dallas Mavericks reached the NBA Finals. This was no small task. They beat the San Antonio Spurs in the second round who had won an absurd 63 games. (More on that in a bit.) Next, hey beat the Phoenix Suns in the Conference Finals who were led by that season’s MVP, Steve Nash. Dirk Nowitzki himself was an MVP candidate and was showing the world what he was capable of doing when the lights were the brightest.

Despite losing in the Finals, the Mavericks accomplished something special – something only two NBA teams accomplish every season. They did something they could be proud of.

9. Dallas Mavericks Beat the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the 2006 Western Conference Semifinals

Speaking of the Mavericks’ 2006 Playoff run, one of the greatest series in franchise history took place in the Western Conference Semifinals that year. The Mavericks and the Spurs had one of the best rivalries at the time. Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan were two of the best bigs in the game. And the Spurs had won 63 games that season. This series absolutely lived up to the hype.

But what exactly did this series win mean for the franchise? Josh Bowe from gave his perspective on why this series was so impactful, both for the team and for fans:


“It was easier for teens to be big Mavs fans in the mid-2000s: The Cowboys stunk, none of us were really cognizant of the Mavericks’ terrible 1990s run or the Cowboys’ Super Bowls, and Dirk was in his prime as a top-10 or 5 player in the league. It was the perfect storm of just being a dumb fan yelling loudly with your friends.

It also helps that this was one of Dirk’s defining moments, beating one of the best teams of the decade on the road in a Game 7. The fact that he did it by going to the rim too, pushing the ball over the rim as Manu Ginobili fouled him, made it all the better. Dirk was going through some rough ‘he’s a soft jump shooter’ commentary on the national level and even by DFW writers. So scoring the most important bucket of his career to that point by barreling toward the rim made the win all the sweeter. It was just a ridiculous series filled with Hall of Famers all at their peaks.”

8. Moody Madness

Need an idea of how chaotic the Moody Madness game was? One of the referees ordered a security guard to be ready to protect him as he hid under a table.

The up-and-coming 1984 Mavericks had forced a deciding Game 5 against the Seattle SuperSonics. The only problem was that their home court, Reunion Arena, had already been booked. The game was instead played in Moody Coliseum, a building designed to seat 8,000 fewer people than Reunion Arena. (Some people claim there were at least 1,000 extra people at the game just standing in doorways and walkways.)

And that’s not even the craziest part of this game. The inbound pass. The 14-minute second. The do-over.

Moody Madness is not just one story, it’s many. In the end, the Mavericks declared their arrival into the NBA. They were ready to beat the odds and to be taken seriously.

7. Dallas Mavericks Complete Fourth Quarter Comeback In Game 2 Win vs the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals

You couldn’t have written it better than this. After years of heartbreak, the Mavericks made it back to the NBA Finals. And who else do they face but the Miami Heat, the team that defeated them in their first Finals appearance. Not only that, but the Heat had just formed what was supposed to be one of the most formidable Big 3s of all time: LeBron JamesDwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

In Game 2 of the series, Mavericks fans were about to lose hope. With 7:14 left in the game, Dwyane Wade hit a crushing 3-pointer that put the Heat up by 15 points.

But it wasn’t over.

The Mavericks dug deep as a team. They fought with all of their collective strength and went on a 22-5 run. Dirk sealed the historical moment with a game-winning layup over Chris Bosh.

6. Dallas Mavericks 7-Game Series vs. the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1988 Western Conference Finals

The NBA of the 1980s was dominated by the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Those two teams won 9 of the 10 Championships in the decade. The Lakers won 5 of them.

But for a brief moment, the Dallas Mavericks put history on hold.

The Mavericks had two All-Stars – Mark Aguirre and James Donaldson – the reigning Sixth Man of the Year – Roy Tarpley – and the proclaimed best backcourt in the league, made up of Rolando Blackman and Derek Harper. Despite that, no one really took them seriously – that is, until they beat the defending Champs by a combined 26 points in back-to-back games in the Western Conference Finals.

With the NBA world watching, the Mavs pushed the Showtime Lakers – Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott, etc. – to the brink. No one wanted to give them respect, so they earned it.

5. Mark Cuban Buys the Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban made it clear from the beginning that winning is the only thing that matters. Over the past 20 years, Cuban built a culture that propelled the team toward heights that were distant fantasies before he took over. The time and energy he poured in, the money he paid to bring in elite talent, and the support he’s given to those who are greater than him in their roles (Donnie Nelson and Rick Carlisle come to mind) are what we see on the outside as fans.

Regarding what he’s done on the inside – what he did for the team’s culture – there’s more to say that just a few sentences. The Mavericks changed when Cuban bought the team. Two Finals appearances, two Conference Finals appearances, and an NBA Championship speak for themselves. And the stories of his kindness and generosity say even more.

4. Dallas Mavericks Trade for Dirk Nowitzki

This isn’t just the best trade in Dallas Mavericks history. It’s one of the best trades in NBA history. After being one of the worst teams in the league for 8 seasons, the Mavericks pulled off one of the most significant moves ever, acquiring Dirk Nowitzki in a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks.

As brilliant as this trade proved to be, it wasn’t the only home run the team hit that day.

“Donnie (and his father) put down a path for Dirk Nowitzki to land here. It was June 24, 1998, and the Nelsons engineered ways for the Mavericks to acquire both Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash in draft-day deals.

Not that anyone (including the Nelsons) foresaw what was to be. But ask yourself this: How many franchises in the NBA or in any sport have acquired two future MVPs on the same day?”

Dirk didn’t just change the Mavericks. He changed the NBA. He’s one of the greatest players of all time. Nearly every moment on this list would not have happened if it wasn’t for Dirk.

3. Dirk Nowitzki Wins League MVP

In the 2006-2007 season, Dirk was top 5 in the NBA in points, field goals, free throws, free throw percentage, Offensive Rating, Offensive Win Shares, PER, Win Shares, and Box Plus/Minus. He was the only player on his team to average more than 20 points, and the only player to average more than 8 rebounds. He led the Mavericks to the best record in the NBA, with 67 wins and only 15 losses. He scored 30 or more points 19 times, and recorded a double-double 41 times.

In a league full of superstars like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Vince CarterCarmelo AnthonyTracy McGradyAllen IversonKevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, and more, Dirk proved to be the best player, and he carried his team to the best record.

2. Dirk Nowitzki Scores 30,000 Career Points

Dirk Nowitzki is 1 of 6 NBA players who have scored at least 30,000 points, and have won League MVP, an NBA Championship, and Finals MVP. One. Out. Of. Six. All. Time.

Only 7 players have scored at least 30,000 points.

Dirk is truly in elite company. The best of the best. And he sealed his legacy with a turnaround, one-legged fadeaway.

To put the cherry on top of this, here’s more to celebrate about Dirk’s NBA career:

Dirk Nowitzki on the All-Time NBA Leaderboards

6th in points
8th in field goals made
11th in 3-point field goals made
5th in defensive rebounds
26th in total rebounds
30th in PER (21st among retired players)
8th in total win shares
6th in offensive win shares
25th in defensive win shares

1. Dallas Mavericks Win an NBA Championship in 2011

Many NBA titles have been won in this league’s history. All of them are special and required sacrifice, grit, and talent. But it’s hard to imagine a story as great as the one the world witnessed in 2011.

The Mavericks were bet against in every series. They faced the toughest opponents – the young Thunder with three future MVPs, the Lakers who were defending their Championship and were destined for a three-peat, and the Heat who had a fresh Big Three that was crowned as the league’s next Champion before the season even started.

Dirk Nowitzki had been brushed aside, derided, and judged as not good enough.

The Mavericks faced the team that had ripped their heart out the last time they were on this quest.

Despite all of that, the Mavericks came out victorious. With the world watching, the Mavericks showed what a true Championship team is. In a hard-fought six-game series, the Mavericks finally defeated the Heat on June 12, 2011, 105-95.

Mavs fans will remember just about every moment of every series in that Playoff run. And it will gown down as one of the greatest Playoff runs in NBA history.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this joyride. Believe it or not, there are so many more moments we could have included on here. If you think of one we missed, talk about in the comments section!

We’re fortunate to be fans of a team with such a rich history. And with a young core developing in 2020, it looks likes we’re in for another 40 years of excitement.

40 Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks History #11-20: Epic Playoff Battles

The Dallas Mavericks have an amazing history that now spans 40 seasons. After 21 Playoff appearances, an NBA Championship, and 14 50-win seasons, there are plenty of amazing moments.

We’re celebrating by picking the 40 greatest moments in franchise history, continuing with the third installment in this series.

Continue the celebration with us and see the previous segments for other great moments.

Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks Franchise History – #11-20

20. Dirk Nowitzki Scores 50 Points vs. the Phoenix Suns In Game 5 of the 2006 Western Conference Finals

With Steve Nash and Michael Finley gone, the 2005-2006 season was the first time we got to see Dirk as the true leader of the Mavericks. And he delivered.

With the Conference Finals series tied 2-2, Dirk scored 50 points in a crucial Game 5 win. And those 50 points were on only 26 shots! Dirk was at his best in 2006 and was 3rd in MVP voting. This was just one example of his greatness coming to the forefront.

19. Dirk Nowitzki Becomes the Dallas Mavericks’ Franchise Leading Scorer

It was on March 8th, 2008, just 10 years after being traded to the Dallas Mavericks, that Dirk Nowitzki burned his legacy into the Mavs’ history books. He became the franchise’s leading scorer by hitting his famous one-legged fadeaway over Richard Jefferson.

By 2008, the franchise had been through some of its darkest days – the abysmal 90s, the tormenting loss in the 2006 NBA Finals, and the maddening exit from the 2007 Playoffs. Dirk didn’t bail. He didn’t make demands. He worked hard, showed up, and continued to be a leader.

Bo, or as many Mavs fans might know him as, @MavsHighlights on Twitter, talked about what kind of person Dirk is and why that makes him so special.


“When I think about why I’m proud to be a life-long Mavs fan, my mind goes to Dirk visiting the children’s hospital year after year to brighten the hearts of youngsters and families suffering through dark days. He didn’t want publicity or recognition, he wanted to be a blessing and a force for good.  Of course there are many on court moments that stand out, but when I think about ‘Uncle Dirk’s’ hospital visits, I am most proud to be an MFFL.”

The day Dirk announced his retirement was sad and surreal. The Mavericks gave Dirk a hero’s celebration by commemorating his achievements in a post-game retirement ceremony. They went even further by naming a street after him. And then, just like Dirk always did, they took it a step further.

The Dirk logo on the Mavericks’ home court is a fitting symbol of the mark he left on this franchise and this city. Mike Fisher from Sports Illustrated and commented on how this shadowy imprint is a perfect celebration of who Dirk was as a player and who he is as a person.


“Getting to know [Dirk] over the course of 21 years has been a special thing, and knowing he’ll be around for more of it, in his post-playing career, is special, too. But … The Logo! The Dirk Silhouette! So perfect, painted onto the AAC court at exactly the mid-range shot spot where he did so much damage, and painted in a color that is just a shade off the color of the hardwood, accenting the fact that Dirk was different without being ‘showy’ – I mean, you can barely see the silhouette! What a wonderful way to capture the legacy of Dirk Nowitzki. It doesn’t scream at you, it simply exists, subtle and brilliant and quiet and, I suspect, forever.”

17. Dallas Mavericks Complete 15-Point Comeback vs. Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 4 of the 2011 Western Conference Finals

The Oklahoma City Thunder might have had the best young core in the league in 2011 with Kevin DurantRussell Westbrook, and James Harden, but the Mavericks had an MVP and veteran toughness.

With Dallas leading the series 2-1, Game 4 was crucial for OKC. The Thunder took a 15-point lead with 5 minutes left in the game. In those final 5 minutes and in Overtime, Dirk scored 14 points, finishing with 40 for the game.

The Mavericks crushed any dreams the Thunder might have had of tying the series. They won the game and ended the series the following game.

More from Dallas Hoops Cast

16. Dallas Mavericks Sweep the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2011 NBA Playoffs – Mother’s Day Massacre

There were some crazy comebacks and surprising moments in the Mavericks’ 2011 Playoff run, but no series was as shocking as their 4-0 sweep of the 2-time Defending Champion Los Angeles Lakers in the Conference Semifinals.

The Lakers seemed destined to three-peat. With a squad of Kobe BryantPau GasolAndrew Bynum, and Lamar Odom, the Mavericks didn’t seem to have the talent to compete.

But they didn’t just compete. The Mavericks obliterated the Champions. In the final game of the series, the Mavericks hit a record-tying 20 three-pointers and put the league on notice with a 122-86 win. As Kobe put it, “They just made three after three after three.” It was an offensive clinic and an exhilarating moment for every Mavs fan.

15. Dirk Nowitzki Plays With Flu-Like Symptoms in Game 4 of the 2011 NBA Finals

After a shocking comeback in Game 2 of the series, the Dallas Mavericks lost Game 3. The Miami Heat had a 2-1 series lead. Was this it for Dirk and the Mavs? Was the Miami Heat’s Big Three of LeBron JamesDwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh inevitable?

The odds seemed to be in their favor, especially after it was discovered that Dirk was playing Game 4 with a fever up to 102 degrees. But Dirk mustered all of the energy and strength he could and put the Mavericks on his back once again.

With 15 seconds left, with 1 point separating the two teams, and after struggling the entire game, Dirk made a driving layup to give the Mavericks the lead. Game 4 was in the books, and the Mavericks were now on their way to history.

14. Dallas Mavericks Win a Franchise Record 67 Games in the 2007 Season

After a disappointing end to the 2006 season, the Mavericks were on a mission to obliterate the league. Along the way, they had a 17-game winning streak (the 7th longest at the time) and destroyed opponents by 20 and 30 points. If it wasn’t for their 0-4 start, they could have won 70 games or more.

Dirk Nowitzki averaged nearly 25 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 assists, had a 50/40/90 season, and won league MVP. His co-star Josh Howard made the All-Star Team.

The Mavericks weren’t messing around this season. They finished with a record of 67-15, tied for 7th all time.

13. Dallas Mavericks Trade for Steve Nash

In the summer of 1998, the Dallas Mavericks made the biggest trade in franchise history. But we’ll get to that later in this list. They also made another historical trade that summer, acquiring a young Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns.

The Dirk and Nash combo was deadly. They grew together, both on and off the court. Dirk and Nash took the Mavericks to the Playoffs for the first time in 10 years and led them to surprising series wins over the Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings, and even to the Western Conference FInals in 2003. The two were destined for greatness, even if it wasn’t meant to be together.

12. Dallas Mavericks Draft Jason Kidd in the 1994 NBA Draft

Jason Kidd is the greatest player the Dallas Mavericks have ever drafted, at least at this point in history. Luka Doncic may prove to be far better, but we won’t get ahead of ourselves.

After finishing the 1993 season with a 13-69 record, the Mavericks improved to 36-46 in Kidd’s Rookie season. He led the NBA in triple-doubles (as a Rookie!) and won co-Rookie of the Year honors.

Even his departure wasn’t the worst thing ever, since the Mavericks got Michael Finley in the trade, an acquisition that in itself is one of the greatest moves in franchise history. And in the end, the Mavericks and Jason Kidd reunited in 2008 and Kidd helped the franchise win its first Championship in 2011.

11. Dallas Mavericks Draft Mark Aguirre and Rolando Blackman in the 1981 NBA Draft

The Mavericks pretty much nailed the 1981 draft. They got Mark Aguirre with the first pick. He went on to average nearly 25 points a game in his 8 seasons with the Mavs. With the 9th pick, the Mavericks got Rolando Blackman, who averaged nearly 20 points per game with the Mavericks. Even their second round pick, Jay Vincent, was solid.

After starting their franchise history with a 15-67 record, the Mavericks improved their record in 7 of the next 9 seasons. Aguirre and Blackman weren’t just Mavs greats, they were league greats. They led the team to fiery Playoff battles against the Lakers, SuperSonics, and Jazz. The duo of Aguirre and Blackman made 7 All-Star Teams and put the franchise on the map.

And the best is yet to come. After 40 seasons in the NBA, there are plenty of memories to share. Don’t miss part 4 with the top 10 greatest moments in Dallas Mavericks history. Until then, check out parts 1 and 2.

40 Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks History #21-30: The Rise of Dirk Nowitzki

We’re continuing our celebration of the Dallas Mavericks’ 40th anniversary by counting down the 40 greatest moments in franchise history.

There have been more than 40 amazing moments and that list is growing with every game. But these are the absolute best. The ones Mavericks fans will tell their children about. The moments we are proud to have witnessed.

Within this list, you’ll hear comments and first-hand accounts from some of your favorite Dallas Mavericks bloggers and podcasters.

This is the second of four segments.

Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks Franchise History – #21-30

30. Jason Terry Wins Sixth Man of the Year Award in 2009

Jason Terry will always have a special place in the hearts of Mavericks fans. His team-first attitude was on full display when he willingly took a bench role after being a starter for most of his career.

He owned that role. He and Dirk Nowitzki developed a synergy that put fear in the eyes of defenses and coaches. And Terry wasn’t afraid to show his feelings. He fed off the crowd and we fed off of him.

He averaged nearly 20 points per game on 46% shooting during his Sixth Man of the Year season. He played a key role in the Mavericks’ 9th straight season of winning at least 50 games. And his most important contributions were still to come.

29. Roy Tarpley Wins Sixth Man of the Year Award in 1988

Roy Tarpley’s story was full of tragic moments, but his greatness was undeniable in the 1987-1988 season. In his second season in the NBA, Tarpley averaged over 13 points, 11 rebounds, and 1 block per game for the Dallas Mavericks.

This was a huge moment for the Mavericks. It was the eighth season in the NBA for the young franchise. The team won 50 games for the second time in franchise history and made their first appearance in the Western Conference Finals, which we’ll get to later on in this list.

Roy Tarpley’s Sixth Man of the Year award signaled a new high for the Mavericks.

28. Dallas Mavericks’ First NBA Game (and Win) in Franchise History

Talk about a huge moment.

In the Dallas Mavericks’ debut game, they faced the San Antonio Spurs. They had a shiny new arena and a team ready to take the league by storm. They came out of the gate swinging and defeated the Spurs 103-92, despite 33 points from the Spurs’ George Gervin.

The Spurs, of course, went on to win 52 games that year and became the rival “big brother” of the Dallas Mavericks.

But at least we got that win.

27. Jason Kidd Wins Rookie of the Year Award in 1995

The 90’s were tough for Mavericks fans. So Jason Kidd winning co-Rookie of the Year in 1995 was a big moment. It was also the first time a Dallas Mavericks player won Rookie of the Year in the history of the franchise.

After bursting onto the scene in the 80’s and fighting their way to a Conference Finals appearance within eight years of their inception, the Mavericks fell into a dark hole in the 90’s. Jason Kidd averaging 12 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals was a bright shining moment for the franchise.

26. Luka Doncic Wins Rookie of the Year Award in 2018

If you had to write the story of how a team legend passes the torch to the next generation before riding off into the sunset, you couldn’t have written it better than the rookie season of Luka Dončić.

Luka winning Rookie of the Year in 2018 was a tribute to Dirk Nowitzki’s legacy. His greatness built a franchise that could mold a young star into a new leader. He created a foundation that others could win from. A new chapter started at just the right moment.

25. Dallas Mavericks Make Their First Playoff Appearance in 1984

It didn’t take long for the Dallas Mavericks to give their fans something to cheer about. Within four seasons, they made the playoffs. Not only did they make the Playoffs, they beat their first round opponent, the Seattle SuperSonics!

This was a proud moment for the franchise. They built something from the ground up and did a spectacular job of it. Their draft choices of Mark AguirreRolando BlackmanJay Vincent, and Derek Harper, along with the signing of Brad Davis is a hot streak few franchises can match. A Playoff berth was the reward for a job well done.

24. Dallas Mavericks Trade for Michael Finley in 1996

The Mavericks made five trades in the 1996-1997 season, but none of them would be as impactful as this one. Michael Finley was a 15-point scorer up to that point in his career. As a Maverick, he would prove to be one of their most important players for almost a decade.

Finley averaged 20 or more points per game in five seasons with the Mavericks, made the All-Star team twice, and led the team until a young Dirk Nowitzki was ready to take his place in the history books.

23. Luka Doncic Scores 11 Straight Points Against the Houston Rockets

The night started with a live performance of Halleluka. It ended with Luka Dončić going on a personal 11-0 scoring run to send the Houston Rockets home with a loss.

The Dallas Mavericks were facing an 8-point deficit with three minutes left in the game. What followed was what Mavs fans now call Luka Magic.

A corner 3-pointer. A stepback three over Clint Capela. A floater. Another stepback over Capela. Eleven unanswered points.

That’s the kind of guy that makes 30-point triple-doubles look normal.

22. Dallas Mavericks Win First-Round Series Against Utah Jazz in 2001 Playoffs

By 2000, the Dallas Mavericks had won more than 30 games in a season only twice in the previous 10 seasons. After acquiring Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash in 1998, the fanbase was itching for success.

The new team finally got their first taste of the Playoffs in 2001. In their first-round series against the Utah Jazz, the Mavericks showed that they weren’t just a young team with dumb luck. They proved they could compete with anyone. They ended up winning that series, with Dirk Nowitzki averaging nearly 24 points and 8 rebounds per game.

This series had a few great moments in itself. One was Steve Nash‘s game-winning shot in Game 3 of the series. Mike Fraler from the podcast Mavs Archives shared his thoughts on the magnitude of that shot:

“One shot that seems to have been forgotten is Steve Nash’s game winning fadeaway jumper in Game 3 of the 2001 series vs. the Jazz. Nash’s shot gave the Mavs the lead for good with 22 seconds left. It saved their season, prevented them from being swept, and gave MFFLs at least one more game at Reunion Arena. Had Nash missed, their season likely ends in a 3-0 sweep to the Jazz, and we wouldn’t have been gifted with some legendary Dirk Nowitzki performances later on in that same postseason. That fadeaway over John Stockton remains ingrained in my memory, and it deserves more recognition in NBA history.”

Brian Zilem from Blue Hardwood commented on another great moment – the Calvin Booth game-winner in Game 5 – and what this series win meant for the franchise and Mavericks fans:

“Growing up a Mavs fan in the 90’s will certainly trust your loyalty. The 00-01 season was the first season I got to watch my favorite basketball team make the playoffs. Once the Mavs got down 0-2 to the Utah Jazz, which still had Karl Malone and [John] Stockton, I thought the series was over, but the little Mavericks came all the way back to beat the Utah Jazz 3-2 on a go ahead basket by the great Calvin Booth with 9.6 seconds in game 5.”

This was their first Playoff appearance in the Dirk era. It was just 10 years later when the Mavericks hoisted the Larry O’Brien trophy as NBA Champions.

21. Dirk Nowitzki Scores 53 Points in a Duel with Tracy McGrady and the Houston Rockets

When fans filed into American Airlines Center for a Thursday night game in early December of the 2004-2005 season, they probably were not expecting to see one of the greatest offensive duels in NBA history.

Dirk Nowitzki and Tracy McGrady put on a show for the fans. Dirk had 53 points, 16 rebounds, 4 blocks, 3 steals, and 2 assists. McGrady had 48 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists, 2 steals, and 3 blocks. The two matched each other bucket for bucket for the entire game, which went into overtime.

The Mavericks got the win, the game went into the history books, and Dirk solidified his legend.

There are more great moments to remember. We’ve seen the rise of Dirk Nowitzki and the start of Luka Magic. Still to come are battles against the Lakers, legendary comebacks, and historic draft nights. Stay tuned for the final 20 greatest moments in Dallas Mavericks history.

40 Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks History #31-40: The Start of Luka Magic

The 2019-2020 NBA season marks the Dallas Mavericks’ 40th anniversary as an NBA team. This is the franchise’s 40th season, and man, have there been some great moments throughout those years!

We’re counting down the 40 greatest moments in Dallas Mavericks history. It wasn’t easy picking only 40. Any team that has had all-time great players like Dirk NowitzkiSteve NashJason KiddMichael FinleyMark Aguirre, and Rolando Blackman, just to name a few, is bound to have a library full of amazing moments.

Nevertheless, we’ve found the absolute greatest. Within this list, you’ll hear comments and first-hand accounts from some of your favorite Dallas Mavericks bloggers and podcasters.

We’ve broken this list into four segments, starting with numbers 31-40.

Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks Franchise History – #31-40

40. Luka Dončić Averages a 30-Point Triple-Double for an Entire Month (November 2019)

Yes, Luka Magic is already on this list. Luka Dončić is doing things that all-time great players did. In just his second season, Luka is already averaging nearly a triple-double, breaking legendary records, and is in the MVP conversation.

In November 2019, Luka averaged a 30-point triple-double. He averaged 32.4 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 10.4 assists. Only two other players have ever done that – Oscar Robertson and Russell Westbrook.

Luka had some notable games during this run, including a 35-point triple-double in 25 minutes against the Golden State Warriors (the fastest 30-point triple-double in NBA history) and a 42-point triple-double against the San Antonio Spurs, making him the second-youngest player to record a 40-point triple-double.

39. Dallas Mavericks Start the 2002-2003 Season with 14-0 Record

The 2003 NBA season was full of highs for the Mavericks. The team started 14-0, one win shy of tying the NBA record for the best start to a season. The Mavs finished that season with a record of 60-22. It was one of three seasons in Mavericks history where the team won 60 or more games. Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash made their second straight All-Star appearance. Even more exciting, the team made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in the Dirk Era.

This team was full of legendary Mavs and fan favorites: Dirk, Nash, and Finley (a.k.a. Dirty, Nashty, Filthy), Nick Van ExelRaef LaFrentz, and Eddie Najera.

38. Dallas Mavericks Hire Rick Carlisle as Head Coach in 2008

Every great team has a great coach. Rick Carlisle has coached some of the greatest teams in franchise history and was the mastermind behind the Mavericks’ Championship in 2011.

Under Rick Carlisle, the Dallas Mavericks have 7 Playoff appearances, a Conference Finals Championship, and an NBA Championship. It’s hard to imagine the Mavs having as much success without Carlisle as they have had with him. His defensive mentality and cutting-edge “flow” offense have been keys to the Mavericks’ winning ways.

37. Dallas Mavericks Win 7-Game Series Against the Sacramento Kings in the 2003 Western Conference Semifinals

After a 14-0 start to the season, the Dallas Mavericks had big goals in mind. But they were still considered a young, unproven team. In the Western Conference Semifinals, they faced the veteran Sacramento Kings.

Mavericks fans were ready for something big. And this series delivered. 83 points in one half. Clutch shots from Nick Van Exel and Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavs’ Game 7 victory over the Kings was a turning point in the franchise.

The Mavericks had arrived.

And they were gonna be here for a while.

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36. Dirk Nowitzki Grabs 10,000 Rebounds

Did you know that Dirk is the only player in NBA history with at least 25,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, 1,000 blocks, and 1,000 3-pointers?

Dirk always had a reputation for being a “soft” Euro, but he proved time and time again how ridiculous that label was.

Only 39 other players in NBA history have grabbed 10,000 rebounds or more. Dirk finished his career with 11,489 total rebounds, putting him at 26th all time.

35. Dallas Mavericks Win 17 Straight Games in the 2006-2007 Season, Setting the Record for the 7th Longest Winning Streak in NBA History

The Dallas Mavericks came out of the gate swinging in the 2006-2007 season. Embittered from the 2006 NBA Finals, the Mavs ran through opponents. Their 17-game winning streak was proof of their power.

  • Average margin of victory during the streak: over 13 points
  • Number of 15+-point blowouts: 9
  • Number of 20+-point blowouts: 6, including a 36-point blowout of the Lakers

We won’t talk about how this streak ended or who ended it. The point is, Dirk Nowitzki was the MVP that season and this was a special moment for the franchise.

(This is now the 16th longest winning streak in NBA histo

34. Dirk Nowitzki Sets the Record for Most Consecutive Free Throws Made in an NBA Playoff Game in the 2011 Western Conference Finals

This is the first time a moment from the 2011 Playoffs appears on this list. (It won’t be the last.)

Against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Dirk proved his dominance. The Thunder’s core of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka were no match for Dirk.

In Game 1 of the series, Dirk Nowitzki made 24 consecutive free throws, setting the record. He also made 12 of his 15 field goals. That means he missed only 3 of the 39 shots he took.

Dirk was unstoppable. The Thunder had no answer. And the team was on its way to history.

33. Avery Johnson Wins Coach of the Year Award in 2006

Avery Johnson had one of the best starts to a coaching career you could ask for. After taking over as Head Coach in March 2005, Johnson won the Coach of the Month award in his first two months on the job – the first ever to do so. He was the fastest coach to win 50 games and was the Head Coach of the Western Conference team at the 2006 NBA All-Star game.

The Dallas Mavericks won 60 games in the 2005-2006 season. Not bad for your first season as a Head Coach.

32. Dirk Nowitzki Scores 29 Points in the Fourth Quarter Against the Utah Jazz in 2009

Imagine a game where you only score 52 points in the first three quarters and shoot 32% from the floor. And the opponent goes on a 22-6 run to end the third quarter. And you’re down by 13 in the fourth quarter.

It would take a miracle to win, right?

Or a brilliant fourth quarter from Dirk Nowitzki, who made seven of his eight shots and all 14 of his free throws and set the franchise record for most points in a fourth quarter.

With Dirk, you felt like anything was possible. And sometimes, even the impossible happened.

31. Dallas Mavericks Trade for Luka Dončić in the 2018 NBA Draft

Luka Dončić has the potential to be an all-time great. If someone came from the future and said Luka was a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, you wouldn’t be surprised.

But he hasn’t done it yet.

Trading for Luka Dončić could go down as a top 10 moment in franchise history. His Rookie of the Year season was stunning. He’s already breaking records as a 20-year-old – records that were previously owned by guys like Magic JohnsonLeBron JamesMichael Jordan, and Oscar Robertson. And the Mavericks’ winning record is proof that he’s a special player.

How exactly did the Dallas Mavericks pull this off? Mike Fisher from Sports Illustrated and shared his insights with


“Someday, maybe the world will have a better grasp of the influence of Donnie [Nelson] (and Tony Ronzone) in the acquisition of Luka Doncic, which I believe was very much about a pre-planned comfort level forged long ago that would end up leading him here.”

Yes, Dallas Mavericks’ GM and President of Basketball Operations Donnie Nelson deserves a lot of credit for what he did to get Luka. It was a move that was literally years in the making.

Nick Angstadt from Locked On Mavericks explained why this move was such a huge moment for the organization.


“Getting Luka confirmed that the Mavs’ rebuild was taking a real step forward. Dirk Nowitzki was like a Greek god who couldn’t be put to rest until his work was done. Luka has allowed Dirk to move on and know that his franchise has been left in a better place than how he found it. Plus, transitioning between eras is not an easy thing to do. It took the Bucks 40 years to replace Kareem with an MVP level Giannis. The Mavericks found a way to overlap their eras as soon as they traded up to draft Luka Doncic.”

Where will Luka’s career take him? Where will he lead the Mavericks?

The answer could be beyond our wildest dreams.

Those were some great moments, right? And we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more of the greatest moments in Dallas Mavericks history.