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  • Here’s What to Expect From Kristaps Porzingis After a Torn ACL

    We finally know. Kristaps Porzingis’ return to basketball will be on October 8, 2019, this time as a Dallas Maverick. With that question answered, there are several more that come up. What will Kristaps be like when he comes back? Can he be an All-Star again? Is he injury-prone? Is an ACL tear too much for a […]

  • Top 10 Greatest Moments of the Dallas Mavericks 2011 Championship

    June 2021 marked the 10th anniversary of the Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Championship. In my completely unbiased opinion – ok, maybe I’m a little biased – it’s one of the greatest Playoff runs in NBA history. The Mavericks faced tough opponents, made several historic comebacks, overcame their own Playoff demons, and solidified an all-time great’s […]

  • The Clippers Are All Name, No Game

    It’s been a while! But how can you not talk about the Mavs right now? We took a break from the pod, but we’re back to share our totally biased fan reactions to what the Mavericks are doing to the Clippers right now. We talked about Luka being all kinds of a jerk to the […]

  • The Mavericks Are Facing a Crucial Moment in Team History

    “Keep the powder dry.” Those words are burned into the minds of every Mavericks fan. It’s become a mantra recited both with fiery belief and crass sarcasm. It’s the “Think Different” slogan of the basketball world. It can be used to justify every head-tilting decision or to dismiss even the most polished sales pitch. Whatever […]

  • Does Kristaps Porzingis Only Play Well Against Bad Teams? Here’s The Answer and Why It Matters

    Kristaps Porzingis has made it clear that he wants a larger role on the Dallas Mavericks. In the past four months, he’s made public statements saying as much. He asked to play longer stretches during games, forcing Rick Carlisle to adjust his rotations. There were grumblings about where his shots come from, the solution to which required a shift in […]

  • Pelicans Reporter Mason Ginsberg on What the Dallas Mavericks Can Expect from JJ Redick and Nicolo Melli

    Sydney talked to Pelicans Mason Ginsberg and got the scoop on what JJ Redick is like at this point in his career and if Mavs fans should be worried about his age and his heel injury. We also talked about some ways Nicolo Melli might surprise Mavs fans. It’s a good interview all around with […]

  • The Last 10 Games Have Been IMMACULATE….Can It Last?

    We talk about all the great things we’ve seen from the Dallas Mavericks in the last 10 games. What has gone right? Will it last? Topics Subscribe to Dallas Hoops Fancast: Apple Podcasts / Spotify / Stitcher / Podcast Addict / Email More Episodes of Dallas Hoops Fancast

  • How to Watch the Dallas Mavericks on Fox Sports Southwest in 2021

    The Great Loss started in early 2020. I’m, of course, referring to when many live streaming TV services began dropping Fox Sports Southwest due to failed contract negotiations. Lately, it’s gotten even worse. As of the writing of this article, none of the popular streaming services carry regional Fox Sports channels. If you’re a cord-cutter […]

  • Mailbag Episode: One Trade to Fix Everything; Should Kristaps Get the Ball More?; Luka & KP’s Relationship; Josh Richardson + More

    We answered your questions from Twitter. We talked about everything from trade ideas to Kristaps Porzingis‘ role to the KP rumors, KP and Luka Doncic‘s friendship to our thoughts on Josh Richardson and city jerseys. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. This was a lot of fun. Follow Sydney on Twitter: @_sydneymyers Follow the show on Twitter: […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About the Dallas Mavericks’ 2020-2021 Schedule – Part 2

    The NBA released the second part of the Dallas Mavericks 2021 season schedule on Wednesday. After a grueling first part of the season that included a COVID outbreak and game delays due to the worst snow storm Texas has faced in decades, the Mavericks could certainly use a few breaks. Did they get some? There’s […]

  • Kristaps Trade Rumors; DeMarcus Cousins to the Mavs?; Trade Options; All-Star Reserves Reactio‪n‬

    We discuss all the signs that point to the Dallas Mavericks trading Kristaps Porzingis and then talk about whether or not they should trade him and what they can get for him. If they do trade him, we talk about some options from the Hawks and Celtics. We then talk about if the Mavs should go after Andre […]

  • Luka Doncic Hits TWO Game-Winners | Mavs-Celtics Post-Game Reactions

    Post-game reactions and analysis from the Mavericks’ win over the Boston Celtics. Things got ugly in the fourth quarter, but Luka Doncic saved the Mavericks by hitting TWO game-winning shots. We talk about Luka’s two amazing shots, Jalen Brunson‘s game, Luka’s MVP candidacy, and what this game revealed about the team and Kristaps Porzingis. We then look ahead to […]

  • ‘It’s Been 84 Years…’ Mavericks-Grizzlies Post-Game Reactions

    We break down the Dallas Mavericks’ win over the Memphis Grizzlies Monday night. The Mavs played amazing defense and were carried by Tim Hardaway Jr and Jalen Brunson off the bench. We talk about their defense, their 3-point shooting, and depth, then look ahead to their next game against the Boston Celtics. Subscribe to Dallas Hoops Fancast: Apple Podcasts / Spotify / Stitcher / Podcast Addict / Email […]

  • Does Andre Drummond Actually Solve the Mavericks’ Problems? Does He Even Fit?

    Andre Drummond has been the dream trade target for many Dallas Mavericks fans. The Mavericks’ interior defense isn’t keeping opponents up at night, and their pick-and-roll defense probably has most guards circling the matchup on their calendar as part of their All-Star campaign. It makes sense that a player like Andre Drummond would look appealing. He’s […]

  • Awesomeness and Oddities from the Mavericks’ 118-117 Win Over the Atlanta Hawks

    We talk about Tim Hardaway Jr‘s fiery game, why the bench role best suits him and Dwight Powell, plus Luka’s triple-double. But there were some oddities in this game too. Did Willie Cauley-Stein foul Trae Young on the last possession? Why wasn’t Kristaps Porzingis on the court in the fourth quarter? Listen to hear our thoughts on the hard-fought victory. Subscribe to Dallas […]

  • Dr. Raj on How Kristaps’ Injuries Might STILL Be Affecting Him; Coaching Adjustments; All-Star Voting Results

    Dr. Raj from 3CB Performance joins the show to talk about Kristaps Porzingis’ knee injuries and how it’s affecting him on offense and defense. I know no one wants to hear about KP’s injuries anymore, but Dr. Raj explains some really important details about these injuries that reflect issues we’re seeing on the court. We […]

  • The Kristaps Porzingis Problem, Everything is Bad and This is Why, Real or Fake League Leaders

    We had a pretty deep and lengthy conversation about Kristaps Porzingis and what’s going on with him. We talk about the issues, the defense, the offense, possible solutions, his long-term outlook, and whether or not the Dallas Mavericks should trade him. We cover pretty much everything with each of us taking opposite sides of the […]

  • How to Vote for Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis for the 2021 NBA All-Star Team

    The 2021 NBA All-Star Game might be very different from previous years’. Different in that it might not happen. But that doesn’t mean an All-Star Team won’t exist. Whether the game happens or not, players will still be voted onto the team as starters and reserves. For Mavericks’ fans, this is another opportunity to get Luka […]

  • It’s Getting Ugly for the Dallas Mavericks…But There’s Good News!

    We talk about the Dallas Mavericks’ improved defense, Luka Doncic‘s case for MVP, the Mavs’ tough schedule in January, Kristaps Porzingis‘ struggles since returning from injury, and our game predictions for this week. I also interview Evan Zaucha from Premium Hoops on why Luka Doncic has such a high basketball IQ. Topics Subscribe to Dallas Hoops Fancast: Apple Podcasts / Spotify / Stitcher / Podcast Addict / Email […]

  • Can Luka Doncic Actually Win MVP in 2021? History Says…Maybe

    Remember that tweet that warned GMs about drafting Luka Doncic? ‘Don’t get fired for drafting this guy.’ Two years later, Luka is an MVP candidate, and a GM was literally fired for not drafting him. The Dallas Mavericks had a rocky start to their season. Championship aspirations aside, the possibility of winning MVP was slipping through Luka’s fingers faster than an […]

  • Why the Mavericks’ New Starting Lineup Works so Well, Luka Returns to MVP Form, COVID Problems

    In this episode of Dallas Hoops Fancast, we talk about the Mavericks’ new starting lineup and why it works so well. We go through the entire week and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. Luka Doncic has returned to MVP form and the Mavs’ defense is now 5th in the league! It’s not all great […]

  • Mavs-Bulls Recap, Buy or Sell: Early Season Trends, Real or Fake: League Leaders

    We discuss the Dallas Mavericks’ loss to the Chicago Bulls on Sunday. Sure, the Mavs were without Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic, but there are some trends that developing that are worth talking about. We then talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly from a week of games against the Hornets, Heat, and Bulls. We also […]

  • 50-Point Clippers Blowout? How?? + The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of a Weird Week

    How in the world did the Mavericks beat the Clippers by 50 points? And is there anything in this game they can replicate? We discuss the Mavs’ win, plus other positives from this game. We also talk about what being without Kristaps Porzingis has revealed about this team and what they can do to fix […]

  • Something, Nothing, or Everything: Preseason Edition + Who Should Start with Kristaps Porzingis?

    We play a game of Something, Nothing, or Everything and determine if trends we saw in the Preseason will continue in the regular season. Will Dorian Finney-Smith‘s hot shooting continue? Will Luka Doncic‘s poor 3-point shooting be a problem? We then spend some time talking about what *kind* of player should start next to Kristaps Porzingis, which current […]

  • Here Are the Stories That Got Mavs Fans Talking In 2020

    Remember when the most complicated thing about 2020 was the NBA’s new All-Star game format? Good times. 2020 has been…*checks for another word for “unprecedented”*…bizarre. Some of the biggest stories of the past decade happened this year. This little blog covered stories that resonated with Dallas Mavericks fans. I thought it would be fun to […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About the Dallas Mavericks’ 2020-2021 Schedule – Part 1

    The NBA released the first half of the 2020-2021 season schedule, and there were a few surprises for Mavericks fans. The Dallas Mavericks will play a game on Christmas Day for the first time since 2011. The Mavs will also play 16 nationally televised games. The NBA clearly recognizes how special Luka Doncic is and how exciting the Mavericks […]

  • Sixers Reporter Jason Blevins on How Josh Richardson Helps the Mavericks

    The Dallas Mavericks made some moves to acquire Josh Richardson and James Johnson. What do these players bring to the Mavericks? In this episode of Dallas Hoops Fancast, Sydney talks to Sixers reporter Jason Blevins from The Painted Lines about Josh Richardson. How will he help the Mavericks on offense and defense? What are his strengths and weaknesses […]

  • 6 Sign-and-Trade Options for the Dallas Mavericks

    Tim Hardaway Jr opted into the final year of his contract with the Dallas Mavericks. That means that going into 2020 Free Agency, they have only their mid-level exception (worth about $9 million) to work with. However, there’s always the option to do a sign-and-trade. Here are five free agents the Mavericks should target for a sign-and-trade acquisition. […]

  • The Worst Draft Mistakes in Dallas Mavericks History

    Imagine Charles Barkley and John Stockton in a Dallas Mavericks uniform. Sound impossible? Well, the Mavericks actually had a chance to draft both players together in 1984. Obviously, they chose not to. With the NBA Draft upon us, I decided to have some fun and look at the Dallas Mavericks’ entire draft history as a […]

  • Should the Mavericks Be Concerned About Kristaps Porzingis’ Injury History?

    How many players are offered a 5-year $100+ million contract while still rehabbing from a torn ACL? Not many. And yet, that’s exactly what the Dallas Mavericks did with Kristaps Porzingis.  Yeah, you could call that a risk. But Kristaps made a great recovery from his torn ACL. Based on historical data, I predicted he would average […]

  • Dallas Mavericks Free Agency 2020: 5 Players the Mavericks Need to Sign

    he 2020 NBA season is coming to a close. After making the Playoffs for the first time in four years, the Dallas Mavericks have a bright future with Luka Doncic, who might be closer to winning MVP than we think. What moves can they make this off-season to propel themselves into contention? First up, Free Agency. There are some players […]

  • Dallas Hoops Cast Named Top 10 Dallas Mavericks Blog made Feedspot’s list of Top 10 Dallas Mavericks Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2020. The list was compiled by over 25 industry experts and ranked by authority and traffic, among other factors. Dallas Hoops Cast ranks fourth on the list. was launched in September 2019. It was founded with the core value of putting fans first […]

  • NBA Records Luka Doncic Can Totally Break (Probably)

    It didn’t take long for Luka Doncic to make his mark on NBA history books. He set several records in his first NBA season and put together one of the greatest rookie campaigns ever. But can he reach even greater heights? Here are 12 NBA records that I think Luka can break at some point during his career. […]

  • WHAT IS GOING ON?? Mavericks-Clippers Game 4 Recap – Luka’s Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

    Wow. We just witnessed one of the greatest Playoff games and performances in Dallas Mavericks history. Luka Doncic dropped and 43-point triple-double and hit the game winning shot at the buzzer in overtime. You can’t get much better than that. Even though the Mavs were without Kristaps Porzingis, faced a 21-point deficit, and were being led by a […]

  • The Dallas Mavericks Might Be Closer to Winning a Championship Than We Think

    In 2013, the Golden State Warriors were a young team with two stars. They were a mediocre defensive team and couldn’t win close games. Sound familiar? Two seasons later, they were NBA Champions. There are more than a few similarities between those young Warriors and the current Dallas Mavericks: just as Stephen Curry and Klay […]

  • LUKA 4 EVER!!! Mavericks-Bucks Reactions, Luka’s Historic Performance

    In the Dallas Mavericks’ 136-132 win over the Milwaukee Bucks, Luka Doncic put on an absolutely amazing display of passing and scoring. He finished with 36 points, 19 assists, 14 rebounds. He’s the only player in NBA history to put up those numbers in a game. Only player. Ever. This game was insane to watch. There were so many […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About the Dallas Mavericks Before the NBA Restart

    Mavericks basketball is back! We made it! We’ll finally get to see the Dallas Mavericks again. Their first scrimmage game is July 23rd against the Los Angeles Lakers. They’ll have three scrimmages before the season restart begins. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Mavericks play. You might have forgotten about some key storylines and developments. […]

  • Dallas Mavericks Nickname Quiz: Guess the Mav by His Nickname

    Think you’re a real Dallas Mavericks fan? Take the Dallas Mavericks Nickname Quiz to see how well you know Mavs players – past and present. You might know the nicknames of recent or popular Mavs, but what about lesser-known players? What was Bernard James‘ nickname? Which Dallas Maverick went by “Pierre”? Was Wesley Matthews the only Mav to […]

  • Was Luka Doncic the Greatest Rookie Ever?

    When the Dallas Mavericks traded for Luka Doncic on draft night, Mavs fans everywhere rejoiced. He had taken the Euroleague by storm, winning Euroleague MVP and Final Four MVP at just 19 years old. If he had any doubters heading into his Rookie season, he quickly silenced them by putting together a Rookie of the Year season and breaking […]

  • NBA 2K Covers: 10 Worst Cover Athletes (Yeah, Zion Williamson Is On This List)

    After an amazing 2019-2020 NBA season that saw tantalizing performances from young stars like Luka Doncic, Ja Morant, Jayson Tatum, and Trae Young, your first pick for a cover athlete for NBA 2K21 would, of course, be Zion Willia-oh wait, no one would pick Zion Williamson? So, I’m not the only one who thinks a guy that played less than 20 games […]

  • 6 NBA Stars Who Recovered From a Torn ACL and How It Changed Them

    There have been several NBA players who tore their ACL and came back to play another game. You might think of Derrick Rose, Al Jefferson, Michael Redd, David West, and Zach Lavine. The road to recovery is long, and some players are never the same again. But there are a lot of variables to consider – age, injury history, […]

  • Dallas Hoops Fancast

    Listen to New Episodes of Dallas Hoops Fancast Dallas Hoops Fancast is a weekly podcast for Dallas Mavericks fans. Get game recaps and in-depth analysis of the team and players – Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis, Seth Curry, Dwight Powell, and all the rest. Celebrate the Mavericks and ride the fan roller coaster with hosts you […]

  • Sydney Myers

    Sydney is commonly the only girl in pick-up games, which is fine because the guys never guard her so she schools them. She can dunk on a 7-foot hoop and won league MVP in NBA 2K. She has been a digital content creator for over 10 years, earned a Silver Creator Award, and is YouTube […]

  • Everything Mavericks Fans Need to Know About Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Yes, including The Shot)

    fter 8 seasons with the Charlotte Bobcats and Hornets, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is a member of the Dallas Mavericks. Eight seasons is a long time, but there are still a lot of unknowns with Kidd-Gilchrist. Questions about his shooting and upside have lingered over his NBA career. Now that he’s part of a new team, those questions are […]

  • The Best Twitter Reactions to the New NBA All-Star Game Format

    The NBA announced new rules for the 2020 NBA All-Star game. That’s pretty much all we understand at this point. The rules appear to be designed to make the game more interesting, honor Kobe Bryant, and raise money for charity. And if accomplishing all of those goals seems like a very complex task, then you’re halfway to […]

  • Top 10 Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks History

    The 2019-2020 season marks the Dallas Mavericks’ 40th anniversary as an NBA team. That history includes legendary performances by franchise stars Dirk Nowitzki, Luka Doncic, Derek Harper, Steve Nash, and more. The franchise has had plenty to celebrate – an NBA Championship, an MVP, Rookie of Year awards, Sixth Man of the Year awards, and more. We’re highlighting the 40 greatest moments in Dallas Mavericks […]

  • 40 Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks History #11-20: Epic Playoff Battles

    The Dallas Mavericks have an amazing history that now spans 40 seasons. After 21 Playoff appearances, an NBA Championship, and 14 50-win seasons, there are plenty of amazing moments. We’re celebrating by picking the 40 greatest moments in franchise history, continuing with the third installment in this series. Continue the celebration with us and see the […]

  • 40 Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks History #21-30: The Rise of Dirk Nowitzki

    We’re continuing our celebration of the Dallas Mavericks’ 40th anniversary by counting down the 40 greatest moments in franchise history. There have been more than 40 amazing moments and that list is growing with every game. But these are the absolute best. The ones Mavericks fans will tell their children about. The moments we are proud […]

  • 40 Greatest Moments in Dallas Mavericks History #31-40: The Start of Luka Magic

    The 2019-2020 NBA season marks the Dallas Mavericks’ 40th anniversary as an NBA team. This is the franchise’s 40th season, and man, have there been some great moments throughout those years! We’re counting down the 40 greatest moments in Dallas Mavericks history. It wasn’t easy picking only 40. Any team that has had all-time great […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Dorian Finney-Smith

    he Dallas Mavericks signed Dorian Finney-Smith to a 3-year, $12 million contract in the summer of 2019. It’s clear the Mavs’ front office and Head Coach Rick Carlisle see something in Dorian. Despite going undrafted in the 2016 NBA Draft, the Mavericks have kept him around, worked to develop his skills, and made him a regular part […]