The Team and Our Mission

Our Mission

Dallas Hoops Cast started as a podcast hosted by two MFFLs. We wanted to make something that was everything we looked for in a Mavs podcast – a show that’s fun to listen to and ad-free and that covers the Mavericks with authenticity and straightforwardness. We later launched The site and content is founded on those same core values.

Dallas Hoops Cast is where die-hard Dallas Mavericks fans get honest, authentic, and in-depth analysis of the Mavs. We’re proudly uncredentialed – so you know we’re telling the truth. We publish podcastsarticlesvideos, and interactive experiences that break down the Mavs from the fans’ perspective.

Our focus is quality content that’s fresh, authentic, and engaging. You won’t find regurgitated news with our spin on it. We’re Everything we produce is exclusive, original, and made for smart Mavs fans.

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Meet the Team

Sydney Myers | Founder and Creative Director

Sydney is commonly the only girl in pick-up games, which is fine because the guys never guard her so she schools them. She can dunk on a 7-foot hoop and won league MVP in NBA 2K. She has been a digital content creator for over 10 years, earned a Silver Creator Award, and is YouTube Certified. Then again, she also tried to fly as a child and broke her arm, so what does she know?

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Martin Lynch-Myers | Contributor

Martin has been a Mavericks fan for almost 20 years. He didn’t leave his room for a week after the 2006 Finals and didn’t leave his room for a week after the 2011 Finals. He could have gone Pro if it wasn’t for his knees and he wears flip flops to pick-up games so he can protect his shoes in a bag until the game starts. He has seen The Dark Knight 10 times and met Dirk once a few years ago in a dream.