NBA MVP Award Winners: Stats & Trends Dashboard

This dashboard breaks down season stats for every NBA MVP winner. It is completely interactive, so you can drill down into segments to identify trends, or just view the MVP stats for one player. Segment stats by player/season, position, team, age, and more. Analyze MVP history to find interesting trends or standout seasons.

How to Use: Click on the Season or Position filters, or use the Age, Player, or Team Win Rate filters to modify the segment of data you’re viewing. Use CTRL-click (or CMD-click) to select multiple segments within a filter. To reset the dashboard, click on the segment you isolated or click the Reset button. Ideas for how to use this dashboard.

About this Dashboard

All data is from Here are some interesting segments you can look at, just to give you some ideas of how it can be used:

  • Want to know if your favorite player has a chance to win MVP this season? Select his position to see what other players of his position averaged when they won. For example, if you’re a Luka Doncic fan, click on the Point Guard filter and compare other Point Guards’ stats to his current season stats.
  • Not sure what position your player falls into? Click on one position, then hold CTRL or CMD and click another position. For example, if you’re a LeBron James fan, click on Small Forward, then CTRL-click on Power Forward and Point Guard. (The CTRL-click feature works on all filter options.)
  • Want to know who the youngest MVP in NBA history was? Use the age range filters to go as young as possible. You’ll see Derrick Rose‘s MVP season stats.
  • Want to see the MVP history for your team? Click on your team’s name in the map to isolate that data. For example, click on Los Angeles Lakers to view season averages for those players or to isolate the players in the PPG/WS48MIN graph.
  • Just want to see your favorite player’s stats? Use the player drop-down to select one or more players. For example, check the box for Steve Nash to see his MVP stats.
  • If you want to see who won MVP in a particular season, click on a Season filter to find out who won. For example, if you want to know who won MVP in 2007, just click on the 2006-2007 filter and you’ll find out that it was Dirk Nowitzki.