Everything You Need to Know About the Dallas Mavericks’ 2020-2021 Schedule – Part 2

The NBA released the second part of the Dallas Mavericks 2021 season schedule on Wednesday. After a grueling first part of the season that included a COVID outbreak and game delays due to the worst snow storm Texas has faced in decades, the Mavericks could certainly use a few breaks. Did they get some?

There’s certainly some good news in this part of the schedule. I’ll say that if Luka Doncic wants to make a push for MVP, there are definitely parts of this schedule that could keep him in that conversation.

Here’s an infographic with a breakdown of key stats from the second part of the 2021 season.

A key stretch for the Mavericks comes in May. This will be the last month and the last chance to make a push for the Playoffs or, if they’re already in the Playoffs, to get the best seed possible. In May, six of their ten games will be played at home and eight of their ten opponents currently have a sub-.500 record. The Mavs really need to take advantage of that stretch. Hopefully they can get hot at just the right time.

Here are some other key details from the second half of their schedule:

  • 38 Games
    • Includes 3 make-up games that were postponed
  • Back-to-Backs: 10
    • 4 more than in the first part of their schedule
  • Nationally Televised Games: 14 (that’s 37% of their games!)
  • Home Games: 19
  • Away Games: 19
  • Longest Road Trips: 2 3-game road trips
    • Worst: March 19-24 – 6 days, 3 road games
  • Longest Home Stand: 5 games, 9 days April 16-24
  • Games by Month
    • March: 12
    • April: 16
    • May: 10
  • Home/Away by Month
    • March: 8/4
    • April: 7/9
    • May: 4/6
  • Games by Day of Week
    • Sunday: 6
    • Monday: 5
    • Tuesday: 3
    • Wednesday: 8
    • Thursday: 5
    • Friday: 6
    • Saturday: 5
  • Games by Time of Day
    • No afternoon games! All games start at 6 pm or later.
    • 6 PM: 4
    • 6:30 PM: 4
    • 7 PM: 7
    • 7:30 PM: 7
    • 8 PM: 9
    • 8:30 PM: 3
    • 9 PM: 4
  • Notable Games:
    • 3/10 – Rivalry game at home vs. San Antonio Spurs (National TV – NBATV)
    • 3/15 – Rematch at home vs. Los Angeles Clippers (National TV – ESPN)
    • 4/16 – At home vs. New York Knicks (National TV – ESPN)
    • 4/24 – Sunday night marquee matchup at home vs. Los Angeles Lakers (National TV – ABC)

There are certainly some rough stretches in the schedule, including a six-day road trip and four more back-to-backs than the first half of the schedule had. But they finish up with an easy month, perfect timing for a Playoff push. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even surprise some people.






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