Why the Mavericks’ New Starting Lineup Works so Well, Luka Returns to MVP Form, COVID Problems

In this episode of Dallas Hoops Fancast, we talk about the Mavericks’ new starting lineup and why it works so well. We go through the entire week and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. Luka Doncic has returned to MVP form and the Mavs’ defense is now 5th in the league! It’s not all great though. COVID has hit the Mavericks pretty hard these last couple of days, and it’s about to get ugly. Can they win without Maxi KleberDorian Finney-SmithJalen Brunson, and Josh Richardson? We then read and respond to some listener comments, play a game of Tired or Wired, and share our predictions for the coming week of games. Timestamps below!


  • 3:05 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    • The Good
      • New Starting Lineup
      • Willie Cauley-Stein Has Been…Good?
      • Better Defense
      • Luka’s Return to MVP Form
    • The Bad
      • Struggles to Hit Open Shots
      • Officiating
      • Luka’s Complaining
    • The Ugly
      • COVID Positive Players
  • 23:44 Responding Listener Comments
  • 35:39 Tired or Wired
  • 39:42 Player A vs. Player B
  • 46:10 Weekly Game Predictions

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